Monday, December 16, 2013


We spent two weeks at the MTC, one week in the Preach My Gospel manual and one week in trying to learn office systems. We were in the largest group of senior missionaries to enter the MTC. There were 153 of us. People were going all over the world: Japan, Canada, Mongolia, Fiji, Morroco, Togo, South Africa, Cambodia, Germany, Italy, France, England, all over the U.S., so all over the world. We met a lot of great people and had a wonderful experience. The excitement was high for hastening the work. We loved singing Called to Serve with two thousand young missionaries at the devotionals. Now we are home to enjoy the holidays and wait and wait and wait for our visas. Hopefully we will leave for Australia sometime in January. Who knew what a process this would be!


  1. I have been wanting to send you back an email, but thought it would be more fun to comment on your blog:). I'm a little slow this past month in responding to anyone so I hope you'll forgive me. I am so excited that you're actually on the move forward with your mission. Can't wait to hear when you actually fly out to your new adventure! I can only imagine and can tell by your pictures and thoughts that the MTC was super inspiring. This is an amazing time of your lives I can tell! What a cute couple!!! Whoo Hoo! Hope to have a similar experience in that phase of our lives. We sure do look up to you both and your beautiful examples of living a "real" life with joy and your special love for family!

  2. Oh My Dear Friends, we think about you all the time. Hope your bodies are adjusting and the fuzzy brain thing that happens is clearing up. We look forward to photos of your life. Must run, just wanted to send love your way.
    XOXOXO Ronna