Thursday, February 27, 2014

Australia zoo

We had a great senior conference this week. There are seven full time mission couples in this mission. All of them came in for the seniors conference. Many had to fly in because they are far in the north, a two days drive from us here in Brisbane. One of the activities for the three day conference was a trip to the Steve Irwin Austalia Zoo. The highlights for us were seeing and petting the koala bears and seeing and feeding the kangaroos. One of the kangaroos nipped me but it didn't break the skin-just a bruise. The senior conference was wonderful, so many great and loving couples doing the Lord's work. We were inspired by each other and President and Sister Henderson, who are fantastic. We also attended the Brisbane Temple, which is lovely and in a beautiful location by the river. It was three full days, so thankful we got here for the conference. They were so nice to postpone it a week in the hopes we would make it.

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  1. I am sure that kangaroo saw you and thought what a cute sweet person, I bet she'll taste delicious.
    Xoxo Ronna