Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday at the farmers market

Almost every Saturday morning we go to a farmers market somewhere. Usually it is the West End market which is a ten minute drive away. Two other Saturdays we ventured further to other markets but the west end market is so close we usually go there. It is year round. There are a lot of food booths to purchase ready made food, selling everything from kebabs to paella to pancakes. There are booths that sell flowers, clothes, trinkets, paintings, wood cutting boards, cheese, hats and toys. A booth selling coconuts for drinking. There are even booths for foot rubs, palm readings and eyebrow shaping using thread, yep, really. There are booths that sell meat, fish and of course fruit and vegetables galore. We always buy fruits and vegetables. Today we also bought some chicken, some plum chutney, some eggs and some cards too. We spent about sixty dollars, more than usual, because we bought some blank greeting cards featuring trees, original work by a local artist. He does beautiful work. There are some gorgeous trees here (the subject of another blog post) We are including a picture of our purchases today. It is a happening place, with people singing, eating, visiting, browsing and buying. 
The population here is so diverse and the market reflects that. You can get products and foods representing Asian, Indian, European, Greek , Australian, pacific islands and more cultures.

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