Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flowers for Mothers Day

In Brisbane,the merry month of May, is not spring but autumn. The weather has cooled, the humidity has backed off and it feels a lot like spring in Utah, lovely! Sometimes we have to force ourselves out of the office for a short walk just to enjoy the day. It is dark now when we get up and often dark when we leave work, so daylight is getting shorter, unlike spring in Utah where it is getting longer. Through the summer we have enjoyed the flowers here. There are flowers still blooming and everything is still green even though winter is around the corner. I understand if you go to higher areas like Mt. Tambourine some trees do change colors. 
Mother's Day is celebrated here. At the farmers market this morning it seemed that everyone bought flowers and there were more flower vendors than ever. We are including a picture of the Gerber daisy plant we bought for Mother's Day, we also bought a scarf. It is getting cool enough I might be able to wear it soon. 
As a small Mother's Day gift to all the wonderful mothers we know, enjoy a few flower photos!

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  1. Reminds me of Hawaii when Jen took all those flower pictures. Beautiful!