Saturday, July 5, 2014

Joyful June

Our mission had a goal, 100 baptisms In the month of June. There has been a real can do attitude as the missionaries took this goal to heart. Everyone worked hard, they found, taught and loved 105 people into the waters of baptism. When President Hamula toured the mission in May he told President Henderson we could baptise 100 people a month. This has never been done in this mission, it is usually around sixty. The missionaries experienced many miracles in their finding and the wards and stakes stepped it up. There was a special fast held for missionary work, challenges were made and met. Multiple members of families were baptised on the same day.
We have not been on the front lines but we have been at Command Central, doing what we can to help. One of those things is entering the baptism forms into the CDE program. CDE stands for Convert Data Enrty. We know that behind each of the forms is a person, a child of God. Each form is a story. The form lists the birth place of the person being baptised. They are from everywhere, all around the world, several from China, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, Iran, Philippines, even the U.S. As they are entered it is easy to wonder about that particular person and their conversion story. If you have any interest check out the Mission blog, you will find individual stories there.
Here is a picture. This is what 105 baptism forms looks like. They are usually entered in batches of five to eight. We were blessed with a couple relatively quiet days in the office to complete this task by the deadline. We have dedicated, wonderful missionaries in the Australia Brisbane Mission and 105 new members of the church in Queensland! Hooray for Israel!!!

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  1. Now that is a real miracle if you have all 105 firms by July 5. Congratulations!